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On Becoming A Green Business….


We are pleased, proud, and grateful to have been certified as a Bay Area Green Business by the California Green Business Program. According to American Express Open Forum, there are some good reasons to become a certified green business: it attracts new customers, mitigates operational costs and makes a brand more attractive. We were happy to have evidence that we are “walking our talk” when it comes to sustainability.  Given how “green” we thought we already were, we were quite sure that it would be a breeze…and, in many ways, it was.


Kevin Kumataka, Sonoma County Coordinator for the program was a calm and benevolent watch dog throughout! What came as a surprise was how emotional, nervous, and exposed we would feel while trying to be kind to our planet.  Almost every time we met with Kevin we found ourselves apologizing and confessing the many ways in which we are far from perfect.  Even though they were each incredibly supportive and helpful, we put him in the uncomfortable position of being the eco-police.

We have been reflecting lately on how we treat ourselves and each other when striving to help heal our planet and take responsibility for our negative impact on the ecosystem.  It seems that we should be celebrating one another’s efforts and accomplishments.  We should be quick to praise one another and express gratitude for all that we do for each other and our planet. We should be slow to find fault quick to forgive as we encourage each other to move forward on the sustainability continuum. There will be many trade-offs on the path to green enlightenment.

We understand that sustainability is a journey, not a destination.

We are thrilled to count ourselves among the wonderful businesses that proudly bear their Green Business designation.  We look forward to welcoming many many more companies to our green ranks.

Yay Earth! Yay Earthlings! Yay Humanity! *** to find Clear Blue Commercial, go to insurance, finance and real estate. Then search by Petaluma, CA.***

Posted by: clearblueuser2 on July 30, 2015
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