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6 Benefits of Turf Conversion

The turf conversion project at 1425 N. McDowell in the Redwood Business Park is a terrific example of a beautification project that is also ecologically responsible and will result in cost savings over time from reduced water and energy use.

The sustainable design creates environmental solutions by nurturing the soil, protecting water and air, preventing landfill waste, redeveloping natural habitat, and reducing energy use. These Bay Friendly strategies create landscapes that bring  beauty to the community, healing to the planet, and value to the property.

Bay Friendly Principles used in Design and Installation:

  • Nuture the Soil
    • Sheet mulching with organic amendments regenerates the soil without toxic chemicals
    • All of the planting areas amended with local organic compost and beneficial soil organisms that ensure the health of the new landscape ecosystem


  • Conserve Water
    • The irrigation design and technologies use water most efficiently for the variety of plantings and seasons
    • Replacing turf grass with low water-use plants reduces water needs by 50 -70% once established


  • Landscape Locally
    • Using the selected plants reduces waste material from trimming and allows healthy growth in the local micro-climates
    • Purchasing materials locally, helps support the local economies



  • Conserve Energy
    • The construction process includes carbon reduction strategies with the transportation of people and materials
    • Plants can be left to grow to full height, thus reducing hedging and transport of waste materials
    • Using organic, local materials reduces energy consumption from production and shipping



  • Protect Water & Air Quality
    • Sustainable soil strategies allow water to infiltrate without running off into the Bay
    • Using organic products eliminates toxins from entering the Bay and groundwater
    • Reducing the amount of turf grass reduces the air pollution from mowing and trimming with power equipment



  • Create Wildlife Habitat
    • Selected plantings provide food and shelter for beneficial insects and birds that keep pests in balance




Posted by: clearbluecommercialauthor on August 17, 2015
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