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Clear Blue Commercial – Our Green Remodel


At Clear Blue Commercial, part of our philosophy is to meet our buildings “where they are” and to green along the way. After having established ourselves in our business space, we realized the common areas of our facilities at 1425 North McDowell Blvd needed a little TLC and some decorative embellishments. This prompted our decision to redecorate in May of 2013, and to showcase our building’s improvements in an eco-friendly way.

So what changed? Our walls were transformed from a dated, creamy white to our current, upscale shades of green and grey. We added accents along our hallway walls, and running baseboards along our main staircase. We also changed up the carpets in our lobby. Most importantly, we purchased no new furniture for our conference room or lobby.  This project needed to be completed in the most sustainable way possible, and we decided not to expend additional resources purchasing new décor, when we could just revamp the old stuff. This meant reupholstering old chairs, added new tops to tables, and relying on local vendors for any necessary purchases. We made sure to implement non VOC carpets and paints. As a chic touch, our conference room now features the abstract artwork of local artist Connie Goldman.


It turned out that improving the old was the best way to usher in a newer and sleeker look. Of course we could not have accomplished this massive decorative feat without the assistance of some wonderful local businesses. We are so incredibly grateful to Rocco Painting Company, Inc, as well as the ever-helpful and super professional Mike Nyholm of DSB+.  Another shout out to HLM Office Interiors; we are so thankful for your help!


Posted by: clearbluecommercialauthor on September 3, 2015
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