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Our Brand

It’s no easy task to integrate all the colorful facets of a company to form one, singular image. How could we express ourselves and set ourselves apart in a striking and interesting way?  It took us a long time to really finalize our logo, and lots of support from wonderful Sonoma County organizations, and we are so thankful.

When we first started the process of figuring out a brand, we were concentrating solely on water as our theme. We had hired a professional brand designer, the wonderful Torrey Douglass  of Lemon Fresh Designs, and were bombarding her with images and ideas we were going for, as well as different feelings we were trying to channel.  After exploring the water concept more and more, we couldn’t find anything that really excited us, so it was time to try something completely new.


 We were beyond thrilled when Torrey told us that she had had a creative breakthrough, and would email us the following day. After the suspense had built, the complete image finally, magically, appeared. The outcome exceeded our expectations in a way that we couldn’t have even imagined. Our brand is definitely abstract. You could see it as a tree, a fountain, a wellspring. The design has solid, foundational roots, but is reaching up to the sky.

Most importantly though, we are so grateful to the vast amounts of help provided by other Sonoma County GREEN certified businesses, including the fantastic  Minuteman Press ; Mike in particular! And we couldn’t have done it without the wonderful Petaluma Area Chamber of Commerce. These experiences working together were of incredible importance to the formation of our brand, since success really can’t be achieved alone. We needed someone to hold our hand along the way, and we couldn’t be more excited by the results!

Posted by: clearbluecommercialauthor on September 15, 2015
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