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Another Successful Turf Conversion

In this time of severe drought, it’s of utmost importance to be proactive when it comes to water conservation.  Friday, July 31st from 8 AM till 12 PM, we were thrilled to be participating in another landscape turf conversion! We were excited at the conservational impact of this project, as it will enable us to save 90,000 gallons of precious water annually. This conversion was merely a precursor to our much larger project that we accomplished in  October, Mulchstock. We rallied a team of enthusiastic volunteers to help bring these environmental endeavors to fruition.

Blog #6 Photo 2 Turf Conversion 2015

How exactly did we accomplish this goal? And what does turf conversion entail? For every square foot of lawn, 25 gallons of water are consumed annually to keep lawns green. So although grass lawns may be pretty, lawn maintenance incurs a depletion of important resources.  Sheet mulching is the perfect alternative to grass, and the implementation of sheet mulch makes the grass from the previously existing lawn food for the new vegetation that’s being planted. The foundation of a sheet mulch landscape is a biodegradable barrier against weeds, for example, cardboard works perfectly and decomposes naturally. This is topped with a layer of compost to provide nutrients for the landscape, as well as mulch to prevent the growth of new weeds. While being an environmentally savvy choice, it is also incredibly inexpensive, fast, and easy!

Our project was made a reality through our partnerships with wonderful local organizations including Daily Acts, Cagwin & Dorward landscape contractors, Hunter Industries, and the City of Petaluma.  We are so glad to be surrounded by such a supportive and conscientious community!

Posted by: clearbluecommercialauthor on November 4, 2015
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