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Clear Blue Commercial’s Message on a Bottle


Just like any other business, Clear Blue Commercial has to do our share of marketing. But we’re striving to stay true to our mission in everything that we do, and everything that we distribute. This means that we refuse for our merchandise to be an environmental detriment, or to contribute to any form of social injustice. Our recycled eco-pens were a success, but we had to think beyond that—how could we market ourselves in a way that’s meaningful not just to us, but meaningful to our community and to the world at large? Sustainable, functional, and quite pretty, Clear Blue Commercial’s practical and portable new product is a company-branded water bottle. This bottle is emblematic not only of our standards of sustainability, but also encourages a greater network of environmental conscientiousness and reform.

Clear Blue Commercial takes pride in its affiliation with the organization Give Me Tap. The Give Me Tap environmental initiative was pioneered by entrepreneur and Manchester University student Edwin Broni-Mensah  four years ago. Despite the fact that this movement originated in the UK, it has become ubiquitous, perhaps due to its potential for the transformation of water distribution and consumption around the world. For each Give Me Tap water bottle an individual purchases, drinking water is made available to underprovided individuals in Africa.  Give Me Tap’s revenue has enabled the implementation of wells and other important facilities in African countries.

Businesses that ally themselves with the Give Me Tap Initiative can choose to be refilling stations for any person that possesses a Give Me Tap water bottle. This alliance provides recognition for these businesses, and conserves water at the same time. The Give Me Tap movement is even prevalent here in the Bay Area, with 126 stations in San Francisco, and counting!

Through Clear Blue Commercial’s distribution of these water bottles, each of which sports the “Give Me Tap!” logo side by side with Clear Blue Commercial’s logo, we have placed ourselves in this social, environmental, and infrastructural reformation. The synergy between Clear Blue Commercial and Give Me Tap illustrates a relationship between commercial real estate and environmental sustainability. It is representative of an important intersection between business and social initiative. The water bottle is innovative because it is a tangible manifestation of our company’s ideals of sustainability and justice, and in such a practical form. Drink up!

Posted by: clearbluecommercialauthor on December 14, 2015
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