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What “REAL SERVICE” Means To Clear Blue Commercial


The main objective of a business is servicing its clientele. We want the services we provide to be more than just a phone call back. Our business is about being proactive and supporting our community and our clients.

We insure this optimum level of service by being accessible in our building so our tenants can pop in at their convenience. We’ve opened up many channels of communication—clients can call in. They can email us. We want to be available, and provide our services at any time of day.

“We don’t just emphasize service to our clients; our business is also about our tenants, our vendors, buyers, sellers, lessees, and lessors.” ~ Carolyn Pistone, Managing Director of Clear Blue Commercial

Our clients feel that we genuinely care about their needs and we listen to and act upon your wants and needs. Oftentimes we do everything in a 24 hour turn around.

We strive to responsive, transparent, accessible, trustworthy, because those are the real pillars of how we do business.

Posted by: clearblueuser2 on July 21, 2016
Posted in: Community