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What “REAL COMMUNITY” Means To Clear Blue Commercial


A core tenant of our mission statement, “Real Community, Real Service, Real Estate” is an unyielding commitment to our community. We want the magnitude of our impact to resonate from here in our little town of Petaluma, CA to the globe at large.

Our green real estate practices generate higher levels of tenant retention, subsequently stabilizing the properties we manage. This propagates economic stability, maximizing positive impact on our surrounding community. We are striving to use our commercial real estate licenses as a way to bring about the synthesis of environmental initiatives and sustainable property management with social change.

Through our turf conversions, we are proactively combating water waste.  We strive to engage in activities like the American Heart Association’s annual Heart Walk. We host an annual food drive with Redwood Empire food bank, and have donated school supplies and clothing to foster children. Carolyn and Lilly are involved in Leadership Petaluma’s Leadership for a Sustainable Future Program. We’re involved in the Petaluma Area Chamber of Commerce, Climate Action 20/20, and have donated our services for free to nonprofits who share a similar belief system to give them a chance to raise money for their organizations.

Therefore, it is through genuine engagement with diverse people and organizations that we have the potential to make change, and through acting on our core value of community that change becomes a reality.

Photo 2_Turf Conversion 2015


Ultimately to make this impact, it is necessary not just to accommodate the needs of our surrounding community, but to transcend them, and make tangible change that reflects our values of diversity, sustainability and environmental conscientiousness within our core value of community.

Posted by: clearblueuser2 on July 21, 2016
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