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Clear Blue Commercial – Proclaimed Local Water Hero in Sonoma County!

20160712_162010The team at Clear Blue Commercial always has “saving water” on their mind. Aside from it being a state-wide drought and having experienced mandatory water-saving measures, they feel it is the right thing to do to conserve water for immediate and future generations.

When browsing through the June 30th issue of the Petaluma Argus-Courier, we came across this flattering advertisement provided by the City of Petaluma. We felt honored for what we are doing is truly making a huge difference in helping our community. From converting lawns into water-saving mulch, to changing the buildings’ aerators to low-flow, to fixing leaks immediately, and encouraging water-saving measures within the buildings we manage, these acts are good business. What exactly is a water hero and what does one do to earn such a respectable title?

Hero (hee-ro) (noun) is defined as a person noted for courageous acts or nobility of character. (source:

In the business world, there is a status quo –  a way of doing things which is known as “business as usual.” So what is making Clear Blue Commercial a “business as unusual?” We go the extra mile. We have interwoven sustainability initiatives – in particular, our water-saving measures – into our every day business practices. We don’t see sustainability as an initiative or special project, it is who we are. Actively seeking out ways to expand our reach, we look at even more avenues than our frequent turf conversion projects to broaden our impact and to make water-saving measures a fundamental cultural value here in Sonoma County.

The trend is growing! It does take courage to go outside the “business as usual” box and we hope that by spearheading this initiative, we are leading by example, providing proof that saving water is good business.


Posted by: clearblueuser2 on July 25, 2016
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