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CLEAR BLUE COMMERCIAL is a full service management and leasing company dedicated to maximizing our clients’ investments, saving our clients’ time, and adding value to our local communities. CLEAR BLUE COMMERCIAL applies a holistic and sustainable approach to all facets of the life of your property: Leasing, Sales, Property and Facility Management, and Project Management.

green-building-imagesOur first allegiance is to our planet and her inhabitants. CLEAR air and CLEAR water are essential for growth, health and life. Clarity in our mission, in our values, in our thinking, and in our working relationships is at our core. The word CLEAR speaks to our commitment to transparency and integrity in all of our interactions.WHY BLUE?
solarBLUE is the color most commonly associated with harmony, faithfulness, and confidence. BLUE is overwhelmingly the most popular color, chosen by over half of Earthlings as their favorite. BLUE is the color of the clear sky and the deep sea and our own BLUE planet. As we strive toward sustainability and collaboration in all of our actions, the “green” community is evolving towards BLUE.

tree-2Because business is business! We have focused on the COMMERCIAL market because we see this as the true opportunity for maximum positive social, environmental, and economic impact. We know that in order to be truly sustainable we need to consistently focus on our clients’ bottom line as well as our own. We have made it our mission to prove that sustainability is not charity. It is the essential building block of our new economy.

If you are passionate about your community and your planet, if you believe that collaboration is the new competition, if you know that together we can create real change, we can’t wait to work with you!

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Clear Blue Commercial is the ONLY commercial real estate firm to be a certified Green Business, a certified Small Business, a certified Woman Owned Business, AND a B-Corp. We support the many other businesses that will join our ranks and we are proud to be leading the way.