Carolyn Pistone, President & Managing Director

Carolyn is a committed Earthling dedicated to saving the planet using her real estate license! Carolyn is the President and Managing Director at Clear Blue Commercial. She has held various senior positions in the entertainment, real estate, and hi-tech industries. In addition she serves on the Environmental Committee of the Sonoma County Alliance, the Climate Action 2020 Stakeholders Advisory Group, former President of the Board of Trustees for the Petaluma Community Foundation, and a founding board member of 100 Sonoma People Who Care. She is a proud REALTOR®, EcoBroker®, and Certified Green Building Professional®. These experiences have inspired her to work to build a supportive, innovative, and collaborative environment for clients, team members, and, yes, even the planet, to thrive.

LIC: 01347717

Marty Pistone, Vice President & Owner

Marty’s talent for collaboration, creating community, and grasping “the big picture” has naturally drawn him to join the team at Clear Blue Commercial. After working for several years as VP of Business Development at Z-Concepts, an innovative design and construction firm, we at Clear Blue Commercial feel very fortunate that he has brought his years of expertise and out-of-the-box thinking to our mission-driven company.

Marty received an MFA from The American Conservatory Theatre and has an enviable list of faculty credits, professional associations, and large-scale projects.

Despite his impressive accomplishments and diverse palette of skills, Marty freely admits that his extensive and loving circle of family and friends is his greatest achievement, including his lucky and adoring wife who also writes his bios.

LIC: 01968709

Janie Glidden, Facility Operations Manager

Clear Blue Commercial is thrilled to welcome Janie and her impressive background and expertise in the Real Estate markets – along with her background in construction, energy & sustainability. She has been a past Director for sustainable programs, non-profit advocacy, and is a Certified Green Building Professional. Through her years as a licensed CA Real Estate Agent, she has closely worked with Builders, Architects, Engineers, and Field Teams. Her gift for facilitation is a huge asset to our team– especially for Clients.

Personally, Janie is an ‘action-oriented’, ‘service-minded’ individual who relishes the fresh air of the outdoors…especially while getting great exercise! Her vision is to share success at the ‘long-game’ – success for individuals, their endeavors & projects, good health, and our global environment (…including the non-Real Estate aspects, such as the Ocean!). Her motto is to ‘Always leave things better than you found them’…!

“The more you lose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more energy you will have.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale

LIC: 01007842

Ariel Lopez, Facility Operations Manager

Clear Blue Commercial is proud to introduce Ariel Lopez, a dynamic
professional with a unique blend of operations expertise and an unwavering
passion for the great outdoors. Ariel has a diverse background in both
healthcare and construction industries. Ariel spent 7 years at Stanford
Children’s Hospital as a Health Information Analyst and 5 years in
construction operations management. She has honed her skills in
streamlining processes, optimizing efficiency, and driving results.

Beyond the office, Ariel thrives in nature’s embrace. Whether it’s hiking
through rugged mountains, fishing on pristine lakes and rivers, or simply
basking in the tranquility of the wilderness, she finds solace and
inspiration in the natural world. What truly sets Ariel apart is her
one-of-a-kind spirit. She approaches challenges with unwavering
determination, creativity, and a heart full of optimism. Her ability to see
opportunities where others see obstacles is a testament to her remarkable
character. With a deep commitment to excellence in both professional and
personal pursuits, Ariel is on a mission to merge her operational acumen
with her love for the outdoors, fostering sustainable practices that
benefit both business and the environment.

We are thrilled that she has decided to join our talented and passionate
team on this inspiring journey, where operations expertise, a passion for
nature, and an indomitable spirit come together to create positive change!

Chris Hood, Physical Security Manager

Chris comes to us with 29 years of security experience most recently as Account Manager at Salesforce HQ in San Francisco. Chris grew up in Scotland where he first fell in love with the great game of golf. Outside of work Chris loves spending time with his wife and two young kids out and about enjoying the fresh air. Chris and his wife prioritize personal accountability, teaching their kids how to take care of their community. Chris is excited to join a company that is passionate about helping our environment. We are thrilled to welcome him to the Clear Blue Team

Christine Hines, Chief Financial Officer

Christine Hines is a dedicated CFO who has a healthy respect for improving our environment and customer relationships utilizing thorough financial management strategies. As a former real estate broker herself and Loyola Marymount University MBA grad, she understands the needs our clients and how to relay the bottom line concisely and in a timely manner. With 15+ years of experience managing the financial health of companies in industries from real estate to non-profit, entertainment and beyond, she brings a solid foundation of fiscal responsibility to our team.

On a personal note, Christine resides in sunny Southern California with her technology consultant husband and daughter, Maia. The ability to have time to spend with her daughter during her early years, manage clients on her own schedule, along with helping manage her husband’s technology company are considered her current “wins”.

Tracy Ramsey, Assistant Facility Operations Manager

Tracy joins our team after an illustrious and award-winning real estate career in Chicago, Illinois. Recently transplanted with her family to Northern California, she has always enjoyed spending time outdoors and this first sparked her concern and respect for the environment. Her experience as a senior accounting clerk, licensed cosmetologist, current coursework in property management, and her pending California real estate license, gives her a diverse palette of skills to draw from as she supports Clear Blue Commercial in growing and serving our clients and community. A proud and devoted mother of three, she is an avid reader, and a budding philanthropist, giving to causes near and dear to her heart. Tracy is excited and thankful to be working with Clear Blue Commercial and we are fortunate she has chosen to join us.

LIC: #02080575

Paul Boyle, Engineering Supervisor

We were thrilled to add Paul to our talented team. Paul comes to us with years of engineering experience with a focus on efficiency, safety, and superior customer service.  A devoted husband and father of three, when Paul is not working with us, he is busy  assisting in his wife’s interior design business and coaching kids soccer and baseball teams. He is an avid sportsman enjoying all  kinds of outdoor activities.  His love of the outdoors first sparked his environmental awareness and has inspired him to teach his children and the many others he has coached to share his love of our planet and its stewardship. We are proud and grateful that he has chosen to join the Clear Blue Commercial family.

Greg Shank, Facilities Engineer

Greg is working as a facilities engineer for Clear Blue and comes from a background that involves many applicable skills suitable for this role. He has a long history of working with electrical circuits, including security systems, sound equipment and radio communication equipment as well.

Greg started out in the construction industry and learned many aspects of construction while on the job. He quickly become aware of the large amounts of waste that can come out of construction projects and began to think of ways to reuse some of the discarded articles, turning them into art projects and yard décor. That is now one of his favorite hobbies – creating something useful out of “junk”.

He loves to travel the world and go on hikes with his wife, loves to cook and eat regional dishes and enjoys meeting people in far away places. And, being a multi-instrumentalist, Greg gets to play music with strangers, which really puts the world into perspective. There’s only one planet and we all have to share it!

Robert Cerra, Facilities Engineer

Robert is an Army veteran turned facilities maintenance professional, dedicated to ensuring smooth operations, while balancing the demands of maintaining facilities while being a devoted parent to two wonderful kids. He applies discipline, teamwork, and problem-solving skills honed in the military to create a secure and efficient environment. Robert is a passionate disc golfer who navigates life’s courses with precision and enthusiasm. Off the course, he revels in the joy of live music, and enjoys every moment of life. Choosing Clear Blue Commercial was an easy choice once for Robert once he found how much pride they take in being a green, woman-owned business.