On the national and world stage, we face significant highlights in women’s accomplishments such as Hillary Clinton’s historical primary presidential election win while simultaneously our own local minor league baseball team the Sonoma Stompers has quietly “integrated” the boys of summer, by signing the first (not one, not two, but three!) women players on a professional baseball team since the 1950s. We would like to believe that it is no coincidence that the Stompers achieved their first title as a franchise, clinching Pacific Association Championship.

We are in the midst of a significant shift taking place for women and minorities nationally and abroad. When we opened our doors for business in June 2014 as the newly formed entity known as “Clear Blue Commercial,” I had some idea as a woman in the commercial real estate industry of what challenges may arise, but have been increasingly amazed at the triumphs that have accompanied those challenges. From the beginning, Clear Blue Commercial has taken a firm stance on “collaboration being the new competition” and that real change in the industry and in the world takes place when people help each other and benefit with a win-win result.

We started as a company of working mothers, in my opinion the most productive untapped workforce out there, and have expanded that vision to encompass a variety of talented and diverse individuals with a full pallet of skills, interests, and demands on their time.

We have integrated transparency (clear), sustainability (blue), and the triple bottom line (commercial) into all of our policies.” ~ Carolyn Pistone

We have sought to create an atmosphere that allows our team to express their highest and best selves in their work, in our work, and in our community. This means finding ways to encourage work-life balance for every member of the team. I have had to learn to lead by example in this area. As I have become more present in my family, in my own spirit, and in my community, it has allowed me to bring a broader (Broad, haha!) perspective to my team at work. This has inspired them to do the same. It has made the workplace more fun, deepened our relationships, and created an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect

I spent many years in a male dominated workplace and benefited tremendously from it. I have learned from some of the best and worst leaders the work world has to offer. These experiences led me to create a workplace where I feel like I can thrive, where everyone is treated well, and has the opportunity to benefit from everyone else’s good fortune.

There is a common saying in big business that we have to “kill what we eat.” As a woman-owned business, we prefer to plant what we eat.” ~Carolyn Pistone

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